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Transforming new ways we care for our patients

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is love of humanity” ~Hippocrates

When I joined this practice 18 years ago, I was fresh out of residency at Arnold Palmer Hospital and ready to use all of the medical knowledge I had learned over four grueling, sleepless years. I felt confident with my surgical skills, and felt that I could handle just about any obstetric emergency that came my way, diagnose any female-type rash or infection, and help women navigate the twisty turns of menopause. Dr. Marnique Jones and I came through the four years of residency together, and were fresh, 30 year old doctors eager to join this practice that Drs Diebel and Lazar had founded many years before. We were both busy from the start, and rapidly gained a large group of patients who would follow us both for many years to come.

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Welcome Barika Bridges ARNP to our Women’s Care Florida- OBS family

We would like to welcome Barika Bridges ARNP to our Women's Care Florida- OBS family. Barika, a native of Miami, has six years of experience as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Winnie Palmer Hospital and now has joined private practice as a nurse practitioner. She is accepting new patients at our Sandlake and Winterpark offices. She's a GATOR lover and a world traveler! She is an amazing addition to our practice and a great resource to our pregnant patients. Show your support and let's give her a great OBS welcome!!!!

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